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Advice for those Seeking PSO Jobs

If you want PSO work and have tried it before or have never nevertheless almost as much as flirted with someone over the phone then many times it's hard finding a company that provides PSO jobs. It often can seem to be like a bit of a closed industry with those involved with "the know" being told about or knowing how to find job leads for PSOs. Here at we invite you with open arms, no matter what amount of experience you've got or what kinds of services you offer with your PSO jobs. You want to make thing simple for you, to not have a shut community all keeping secrets behind the back. We welcome open discussion and are happy to provide an adult networking site for many PSOs seeking work. 

As we love to help, we will talk about the forms of equipment you may want to consider when starting a new PSO job with no experience. On your own not done it before and as we take on phone sex operators with no experience it will be easier to have some of these things to use:

1/ A cordless phone: Okay you're not going to be wandering about lots but you may want to walk a little in order to stretch with a long call. Also you might like to get one that features a 2.5m headphone jack for the handset. 

2/ A headset: It must not be a high priced one but you will soon realize that it's invaluable when planning on taking long or repeated calls. Your arms WILL ache badly if you don't and using a speakerphone usually gives sub-standard sound. 

3/ Props: A thing that buzzes or even an actual vibrator, being able to then add sound files is absolutely fun for the caller and means they are remember you. Some PSOs have even more props to produce wet/sucking sounds etc

4/ A great chair, you don't want to have back ache no lying in bed doing PSO work isn't recommended, your voice won't sound good either! The back will we appreciate you that one. 

5/ Some Type Of Computer or laptop: You'll be able to self promote online using your account, in case you have a good smartphone then that can do too. 

6/ A variety of good photo: We do not mean super excellent, staged shots because these look odd or fake unless you're offering modelling services. Get them to natural and fun, you needn't be sultry and throughout them. 

7/ Time Or view And cooking timer: Monitor your calls, discover how your average is performing plus make silent/vibrate only alarms in order to go somewhere. It's very easy to lose track of time on a call and lose focus on to pick your darlings up at school! 

8/ Not only a prop but care for your voice, have a drink towards you always and if you are it getting sore then rest it. 

Necessities such as basics, some phone sex operators searching for work with experience might have lots more but we're feeling if you possess basics covered when you are looking for PSO jobs then you will find it easier starting. is the #1 Ranked Phone Sex Service!  Register FREE Today!